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The First Anniversary of TIES

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2020/04/24 09:01
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On April 11th 2019, TIES officially launched for operation. Government leaders, corporation partners and all employees joined the    opening ceremony. The invited guests include, but are not limited to, Academician Chen Liquan, Chinese Academy of Engineering;Wen Ya, Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Xu Huaqin, Mayor of Liyang Municipal government;        Zhuang Songnian, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science Park, and etc .


On the ceremony, TIES signed a contract with Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science Park and Siemens Industry Software (Shanghai)     Co., Ltd to jointly set up Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center (Liyang).  TIES also signed contracts with              strategic cooperation universities, such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central South University and etc..    Cooperative incubation projects were launched by TIES and Shenzhen Shining Automation Co.,Ltd, Geesun Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd, Hongzhiwei Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd and etc.. Enterprises, such as Lingpa New Energy Technology (Shanghai)   Co.,Ltd, Beijing Welion New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd, Tianmu Energy Anode Mateial Co.,Ltd and etc., established strategic    cooperation relationship with TIES. Last but not least, TIES signed contracts with professors, including Wu Fan, Fu Zhengwen, Wang Liping, Guo Bingkun, and Kang Byoungwoo, to fund scientist studios. 


Signing ceremony:Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center (Liyang)


Signing ceremony: strategic cooperative enterprises


Since then, TIES has initiated a new journey with a brand-new chapter. Based on the strategic needs of the state, local                   governments and large enterprises at home and abroad, and guided by the development of advanced energy storage technology with practical prospects leading the future, TIES has completed the comprehensive planning and layout of business over the past year, by    referring to the successful experience of high-end enterprise-type research institutes over the globe and positioning its development      driven by innovation, market and profit.


Business Organization and Planning of TIES


Looking back at the first-year development, TIES's full-range technical chain and service modes have been implemented orderly,     integrating "Original Innovation", "Technology Cultivation", "Engineering Enlargement" and "Technology Incubation". The three main     business sectors of technical service fields, including test and analyses, technical engineering and intelligent manufaction, have            already served the industry. The customized service sector is also developing on the right track in an organized mannor, with                 expectation to serve the whole industry in the first half of 2020.

TIES strives to develop into a R & D-oriented and application-oriented enterprise with comprehensive layout, integrating the complete  chain of technical services, high-value information services and high-end training. In 2019, TIES led a bunch of important research        projects, including the “industrial development and strategy of power battery”, a subproject of "Research on Technological Innovation    and Industrial Development Strategy of Power Battery" of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Liyang Deepwater Sci. Tech. Consulting    Ltd. Co., a subcompany owned solely by TIES,, held several high-impact academic conferences, such as the second “National               conference on Failure Analysis and Testing Technology of Lithium Batteries". The total number of participants reached ~3000 .


The second “National Conference on Failure Analysis and Testing Technology of Lithium Batteries” held by Deepwater

The past year has been an extraordinary year. TIES has not only comprehensively developed core businesses such as technical    services and information consulting, completed strategic planning, team development, equipment configuration, capacity building,        management organization improvement and target responsibility determination, but also obtained a number of qualifications and           support from various key projects, such as "Jiangsu Novel R&D Institution Construction Project".


Development History of TIES


 Strategic cooperation with Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd. (CTI) 


2020 target responsibility assessment


Qualifications obtained during 2019

2020 Team Building of TIES


In the coming year, TIES will continue to optimize the organization structure, improve the management ability, and strengthen the     construction of corporate culture to overcome challenges and difficulties with strong willpower. TIES aims to build a team with clear      objectives, strong execution capability, wonderful ideas and fighting capacity. The next is to further implement the strategic layout,         accumulate strength and promote the international development of next-generation battery technologies. TIES is expected to be a         revolutionary innovator in the field, seizing all neglected business opportunities.