Tianmu Lake Institute of Advanced Energy Storage Technologies (TIES) was established in 2017, located in Liyang, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, with Academician Chen Liquan as honorary president and Researcher Li Hong as founder and chief engineer.The total investment of the first phase of TIES project is 500 million yuan, with a total site area of 51,000 square meters, including 46,000 square meters of laboratory area and 5,000 square meters of office area. Since its official opening on April 11, 2019, TIES has combined the strategic needs of the state, local governments, and large domestic and foreign enterprises to develop advanced energy storage technologies with practical prospects that lead the future. Referring to the successful experience of high-end research institutes of enterprise types around the world, TIES is positioned to innovate and market driven development, completing the comprehensive planning and layout of the business.TIES has four technical service centers and one subsidiary, which are:Test and Analysis Center (TAC) :To build a professional analysis and testing instrument platform with international advanced level for the physical, chemical and electrochemical performance testing of batteries and materials, and provide high-level general, customized, systematic and goal-oriented analysis and testing services for scientific research teams and enterprise development; The failure analysis, benchmarking analysis and accident diagnosis of batteries and related materials are carried out based on the professional failure analysis platform of multi-scale, high resolution, non-destructive and lossy combination, inert atmosphere protection and sample transfer for the failure mechanism analysis of batteries and materials manufacturing and service.Process Engineering Center (TEC) :Innovative battery materials and cell technologies with significant application prospects will be developed and standardized in the center, the process and engineering amplification equipment needed to break through the technology before industrialization will be studied, and the supply chain materials and battery performance developed will be evaluated in industrial grade batteries. Develop into an open incubation platform to promote the transfer and transformation of research achievements of research institutes and domestic and foreign R&D teams and realize innovation and entrepreneurship;Intelligent Manufacturing Center (IMC) :Build an intelligent manufacturing equipment research and development platform for the next generation of energy storage technology, develop new manufacturing processes, high-precision digital equipment, and research and develop numerical simulation and simulation technology in the manufacturing process to meet the needs of future large-scale, intelligent, flexible and low-cost production; Jointly build "Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center (Liyang)" with Siemens.Frontier Technology Center (FRC) :Based on the advanced test characterization, process development and customized design platform built by the Institute, TIES can provide customers with professional technical services according to their different needs, including commissioned research and development, customized products, customized solution design and other cutting-edge technical service cooperation ways, cultivating original technologies.DeepWater Technology:Facing the field of energy storage, it is a technology information service company integrating technical consulting, industrial consulting, policy consulting, institutional construction, academic conferences, commercial exhibitions, professional training, information release, product promotion and network publicity. Deepwater Technology is committed to providing high-value information services, promoting technology exchange, promoting talent training, promoting product development, promoting industry development, promoting enterprises to improve core competitiveness, assisting in early identification of disruptive and disruptive technologies, assisting in the evaluation of technological advancement, assisting in precise investment, and assisting in macro layout.Test and analysis, process engineering, intelligent manufacturing, cutting-edge technology, information consulting and other five categories of business have been serving related industries. The customers we serve cover the whole industrial chain of consumer electronics, power and energy storage batteries, including raw materials, materials, equipment, battery cells, PACK systems and new energy vehicle enterprises, as well as scientific research institutions and government departments at different levels.As an independent third-party new research and development institution, the institute gathers high-level research and development personnel at home and abroad to meet the high-level analysis and testing needs of related battery upstream and downstream enterprises and research institutions in the surrounding and Yangtze River Delta region; Build an open incubator base for energy storage technology, attract R&D teams with innovative solutions to conduct small pilot tests in various forms such as scientists' studios in the Institute, take advantage of the comprehensive conditions of the Institute, improve the R&D level and research quality of domestic and foreign researchers in the field of energy storage, and overcome common problems and bottleneck technologies. Significantly accelerate the transfer of new energy storage technologies from basic research to industrialization.The development of the Institute gives priority to the strategic needs of the state, local governments, and large enterprises at home and abroad, guided by the development of advanced energy storage technologies with practical prospects that lead the future, with reference to the successful experience of high-end research institutes of enterprise types around the world, taking into account social benefits, scientific and technological benefits, and economic benefits. It has gradually become a national advanced energy storage technology research and development center, innovation center, talent cultivation center, information release and consulting center full of vitality and competitiveness, high-speed and significant influence in the region, China and the world.TIES not only fully developed the core business of technical service business and information consulting, but also completed the strategic planning, team building, equipment configuration, capacity building, management organization improvement and target responsibility determination, but also obtained a number of qualifications and won the support of "Jiangsu Province New R&D Institution Construction Project".In response to the needs of various energy storage businesses, TIES strives to develop into a comprehensive, market-oriented R & D enterprise integrating test analysis, failure analysis, qualification certification, technology development, engineering scale-up, intelligent manufacturing, high-value information services, and high-end training.
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