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TIES and Siemens Joint Construction of Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center (Liyang)

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2019/05/06 16:04
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On April 19 of 2019, Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science Park, Tianmu Lake Institute of Advanced Energy Storage Technologies ( TIES ), and Siemens Industry Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd signed a cooperation agreement in Yangzi River Delta Physics Research Center to jointly set up Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center (Liyang) and Advanced Battery Technology Joint Innovation Lab. 
Under the joint witness of Mr. Naiming Liang ( Global Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Greater China Region of Siemens Industrial Software ), Mr. Songnian Zhuang (Member of Liyang Municipal Standing Committee, Vice Director of Jiangsu Zhonguancun Science Park Party Working Committee, and Vice Director of Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science Park Administration Committee), representatives of three parties signed the agreement, they are Mr. Ru Pan (Vice Director of Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee), Li Hong (President of TIES), and Mr. Wenhua Wang (Global Vice President for Greater China Region of Siemens Industrial Software) respectively . 
It is understood that construction of Innovation Center will follow the principles of high starting point and high positioning and it will radiate from Liyang to the rest part of China. Guided by the “German Industry 4.0” and the “Made in China 2025”, innovation Center will accelerate the development of power battery and intelligent manufacturing industries in advanced battery industry.
In recent years, the explosive growth of the new energy vehicles industry has driven prosperity of the power battery market. However, China's power battery industry is facing the problem of insufficient high-end product capacity, and insufficient innovation capacity. With the cancellation of government financial subsidies, Chinese power battery industry will withstand the huge competitive pressure from the international advanced battery manufacturing industry. Only by empowering the battery manufacturing industry with intelligent manufacturing technology, can we improve the quality of batteries (e.g. product consistency, product reliability), increase production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs, and finally stand out in the fierce competition.
Integrating R&D and manufacturing technology from TIES and digital capabilities from Siemens, innovation Center will build the Advanced Battery Digital Platform (consisting of the Design Simulation Sub-platform, Test & Analysis Sub-platform, Pilot Production Verification Sub-platform and Engineering Simulation Sub-platform) .Member units of the TIES and innovation Center ecology will, based on the four core digital sub-platforms, develop new battery technologies, production processes and key equipment, so as to ensure their leading position in the field of new-type battery, and, based on the open R&D mechanism of innovation Center, form a global ecology for new-type battery science research with innovation Center as the core.
Besides, Innovation Center will empower new energy vehicles and components industry, smart grids industry, farming and animal husbandry machinery industry and other industries by constructing Regional Digital Upgrading Practice Platform. This platform will be equipped with such tools as industrial robot applications, MCD NX Mechatronics Concept Design, closed-loop dimensional quality management, digital production lines, etc., and provide professional labs and digital upgrading solutions for the advantageous industries of Liyang to accelerate the upgrading of the digital capabilities of surrounding leading industries.
Construction of innovation Center is expected to be completed in 2019 and official operation is expected in 2020. Innovation Center will provide advanced battery innovation chain and industry chain with comprehensive enterprise-standard digital services, including design & simulation, test & analysis, pilot verification and engineering simulation, etc. Meanwhile, Innovation Center will also provide manufacturing enterprises, both domestic and abroad, with high-quality professional digital transformation services, including digital construction and smart manufacturing construction consulting services for medium- and large-sized enterprises, implementation of complete solutions for digital enterprises, development of digital capabilities for and shared lab leases for small and micro businesses, etc.
Innovation Center will also provide theoretical training and practical courses covering several aspects, from smart manufacturing path planning to implementation of comprehensive solutions, from automation improvement to digital capability building, from product R&D to product manufacturing, etc.
It’s known that along with cooperation among all three parties, innovation Center will continuously admit ecological member units to establish a scientific and effective operation mechanism and flexible collective forms with ability of innovating, accelerating and incubating of TIES to jointly develop innovative intelligent manufacturing solutions, so as to continuously drive the digital and intelligently upgrading and transformation of battery industry and other industries in Liyang.
Mr. Deyu Wang (Vice President of TIES), and Mr. Hui Yan (Director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Center of TIES) attended the signing ceremony.