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Laser thermal conductivity meter

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Laser thermal conductivity meter

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Flash thermal conductivity tester is a typical transient thermal conductivity tester. This method irradiates the lower surface of the sample by the laser instantaneous emission pulse, which makes the temperature rise instantaneously after the surface absorbs the light energy, and transmits the heat as the heat source. The temperature rise of the upper surface of the sample is measured continuously by the infrared monitor, and the thermal diffusion coefficient is calculated. Laser flash thermal conductivity tester has many advantages, such as small sample size, fast measurement speed, wide measurement range, high measurement accuracy, etc. it has been widely used in most materials except thermal insulation materials, including graphite, metal, ceramics, polymers, composite materials and other fields.

Technical parameters:

1. measurement temperature range: RT 500 ℃;

2. Heating rate: 0-50 ℃ / min;

3. thermal diffusivity measurement range: 0.01 2000mm2/s;

4. Measurement range of thermal conductivity: 0.1 4000 W/mK;

5. Thermal diffusivity accuracy: 3%;

6. specific heat measurement accuracy: 5%;

7. measurement mode: horizontal conduction measurement, vertical conduction measurement.

Sample type:

Block, layered and anisotropic materials.

Application scope:

In addition to thermal insulation materials, the vast majority of materials include graphite, metal, ceramics, polymers, composite materials, etc.

Sample requirements:

Sample diameter: 12.7mm, or 25.4mm

Sample thickness: 0.01 6 mm.

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