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Scanning Electron Microscope

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Scanning Electron Microscope

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SEM high and low times photo: study the shape of the sample, structure;

EDS energy spectrum: to study the elemental analysis of samples.

Technical indicators:

Secondary electronic resolution: 0.8 nm (acceleration voltage 15 kV) (standard mode, not any deceleration mode).

1.1 nm (acceleration voltage 1 kV) (deceleration mode).

Magnification: 20 to 1000k.

Acceleration voltage: 20-1000k.

Electric displacement: .12 m (WD s 8mm).

Light-optic: 4-hole objective active light-optic system: built-in self-cleaning device (aperture 30, 50, 50, 100 m).

Detectors: Low, Upper secondary electronic detector, high filter back scattering probe.

Signal selection: secondary electron image, back scattering electron image, mixed image.

Quick change system: 100mm diameter large sample exchange warehouse, sample change time of 30 seconds.

Vacuum transfer system: Hitachi original vacuum transfer system.

Energy Spectrometer: Brook 60mm2 Energy Spectrum.


1, acceleration voltage deceleration function, with a shorter wavelength, smaller aberration, high resolution of a series of advantages, reduce sample damage at the same time, can obtain low voltage high-resolution image.

2, SE/BSE signal proportional reception function, the mirror is equipped with low (Lower), high (Upper) secondary electron detector, high filter back scattering probe, can change the voltage of the transformation electrode in the lens, let the detector capture the secondary electron and back scattering electrons, at any proportion (100 level) mix, to achieve the best contrast observation, inhibit the load, edge effect, and obtain the best contrast SEM image.

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