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Confocal Laser Raman Microscopy

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Confocal Laser Raman Microscopy

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Main Function:

The Raman can be used for non-destructive testing of bulk solid, powder and liquid samples, and it can achieve scatter, line, and area mapping, and confocal depth profiling. Renishaw Micro-Raman Spectroscopy System apply to various fields such as chemistry, physics, biology and medicine etc. It can detect materials component and molecular structure. Raman have widely been used in the field of energy storage, especially in the analysis of lithium-ion battery, such as identification of lithium-ion battery components, analysis of cathode and anode materials etc. (Tips: There is a good effect on some biological and organic samples with fluorescence interference to use 785nm excitation wavelength.)

Main Technical Parameters:

1. 532nm laser corresponds to 1800 lines/ mm-1 grating, spectral range 50-9000 cm-1.

 785nm laser corresponds to 1200 lines/ mm-1 grating, spectral range 50-3200 cm-1.

2. Encoded high precision motorized XYZ mapping and sample stage, minimum step size of 0.1μm, repeatability <= 0.1um, Scanning range X ≥ 100 mm; y ≥ 70 mm.

3. High sensitivity, the signal-to-noise ratio of the third-order Raman peak of silicon ≥ 25:1, and the fourth-order peak is visible.

4. Spectrometer repeatability <= +/- 0.02cm-1

5. Extremely high efficiency spectrograph (>30% throughput in spectrograph)

6. High stability, specially adapted Research Grade Leica microscope (monocular head with a colour video camera).

7. x5, x20, x100 and x50LWD objectives.

8. Standard CCD array detector (1024 x 256 pixels).

9. Peltier cooled to –70 ºC, no water or liquid nitrogen required.

10. Autofocus, it can be applied to both simple and very complex topographic surfaces and corrected any focus drift which occurs once the measurement has started, and 3D Raman imaging.

11. The instrument has been equipped with electrochemical cell.

Sample type:

The dry bulk solid and powder, and liquid with no volatile species.

Information to be provided by the sample: 

Laser wavelength, scanning spectral range, and the Raman shift of main components of sample etc.

Application fields:

Energy storage, semiconductor materials, carbon materials, chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, environmental studies, archaeology and other fields.

Services scope:

Analysis of materials component, molecular structure, mapping and in-situ Raman.

For example:

Mapping of LiCoO2


Pure LiCoO2 area (red)
Mn2O3 spinel - modified cathode (green)
LiCoO2 for deinsertion of lithium ion - degraded area (blue)


Analysis of lithium-ion battery components


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