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Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

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Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

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Instrument Model:




Performance Specifications:

Mass Resolution at Low Mass:≥ 12,000 m/m at m/z = 28 (Si+) and 29 (SiH+)

Mass Resolution at High Mass:≥ 16,000 m/m at m/z > 200

Mass Resolution on Insulators:≥ 12,000 m/m at m/z = 104 on the polymer PET

Mass Range:1~12000amu above

Mass Accuracy:< 2 mu below m/z = 100, < 10 ppm above m/z = 100

Spatial Resolution: Horizontal Spatial Resolution≤70nm

Sensitivity: ≥ 5.5 x 108 Al+ cts / nanocoulomb at m/z = 27

Signal-to-Background: ≥ 2x105

The energy of the Ar cluster ions:2.5kV~20kV

Instrument Introduction:

The nanoTOF II’s unique mass spectrometer provides unequalled performance for trace level detection and the imaging of real world samples with texture and shape. Optimized liquid metal ion guns provide superior mass resolution, sensitivity, and spatial resolution. An innovative sample stage and turnkey charge neutralization approach combine with the spectrometer and ion gun technologies to make the nanoTOF II a powerful and easy to use TOF-SIMS instrument.


TOF-SIMS is widely used in the development of various materials, material analysis, multilayer film/structure analysis and failure mechanism analysis and research have irreplaceable role

Research and development: semiconductor devices, nano-devices, biomedicine, quantum structures, energy battery materials, etc

High and new technology: polymer materials, metals, semiconductors, glass ceramics, nanometer coatings, paper, film, fiber, etc.

Main advantages and features of the equipment:

1)Triple ESA Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer: Receives and transmits secondary ions .The nanoTOF II is based upon PHI’s patented TRIFT time-of-flight mass spectrometer which consists of three 90º sector electrostatic analyzers (ESA). Reception and transmission of secondary ions have common point observations, wide Angle energy reception and high depth of field, improved quality resolution, excellent sensitive chemical imaging and composition analysis capabilities for rough, patternlike surfaces.

2)Liquid Metal Ion Gun (LMIG):LMIG can at the same time to carry out high mass mining spectroscopy and spatial analysis: use HR2 mode (high spatial resolution and high mass resolution) chemical state/molecular spatial ability, make it at the same time under the high spatial resolution and high mass resolution is analyzed, the analysis of use high beams (i.e. ≥ 1 nA), so the analysis time still can control in a short period of time, e.g. ≤10 minutes or less.

3)Charge Neutralization: The effect of charge can be neutralized automatically when the insulating material is analyzed. The low energy pulse, focusing electron gun and ultra-low energy ion beam are used for charge neutralization to make the system suitable for analysis of insulating materials such as polymer and glass.

4)Fully automated analytical capability: nanoTOF II sample holder is attached directly to a high precision 5-axis sample stage that travels between the fast entry chamber and the analysis chamber. From the injection chamber to the analysis room fully automatic control, no manual transmission.

5)GCIB:For many organic materials, polymers, and biological samples, this ion source provides maximum secondary ionization yield when collecting secondary ion fragments that represent the primary molecular structure, as well as excellent imaging and spectral performance.

6)Transfer Vessel: Samples can be transferred from other equipment or glove boxes to the instrumental chamber for analysis in a vacuum or inert gas environment, protecting the sample surface from the environment, air and oxygen prior to analysis.

7)Low noise background and metastable ion suppression ability.

Sample transfer:

Inert atmosphere transfer system

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