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Field-launched Transmission Electron Microscope

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Field-launched Transmission Electron Microscope

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FEI Tecnai F20ST


FEI Corporation, USA

Key specifications and technical indicators:

The maximum acceleration voltage is 200 kV.

The Schottky hot field fires an electronic gun.

The lattice resolution is 0.10 nm and the point resolution is 0.24 nm.

Information resolution 0.16 nm and STEM resolution 0.2 nm.

The minimum beam size is ≤ 3nm. 

Tem magnification of 25 x-1000k x, maximum inclination angle of α≥±40°,β≥±25°。

X-ray energy resolution 150eV resolution range Be-U.

Main accessories:

X-ray spectrometer of EDAX, USA; STEM-HAADF accessories. 

Key features and applications:

Observe the microstructure of various materials and perform nanoscale micro-region analysis of samples, such as: morphological observation, high-resolution electron microscopy (HRTEM), electron diffraction (ED), cluster electron diffraction (CBED), diffraction lining imaging (BF, DF), X-ray energy spectrometry (EDS), Atomic number Z-lining imaging (HAADF - STEM) and so on.

Instrument features:

Comprehensive analysis ability.

Material range:

Any inorganic material other than magnetic materials, including powders, films and blocks;

Profile analysis:

Semiconductor TEM Pictures

A quasi-crystal HRTEM image of Al-Pd-Mn twenty-faced bodies

Ingredient analysis:

Pt/Au Catalyst Particle STEM-EDS Spectrometry

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