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Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System

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Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System

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Main functions: 

BET specific surface area test can be used to measure the specific surface area, pore volume, pore diameter distribution and nitrogen adsorption desorption curve of particles, which plays an important role in studying the properties of particles. Single point, multi-point BET specific surface, Langmuir specific surface area, mesopore and macropore information, mesopore and macropore volume/area distribution to aperture can be measured. Suitable for all kinds of materials research and product testing, including measurement of zeolite, carbon materials, molecular sieve, silica, alumina, soil, clay, organic metal compounds skeleton structures of various materials, such as specific surface area and pore distribution of material test of a large number of applications in molecular sieve, the physical properties of the surface of the activated charcoal catalytic materials such as research.


widely used in new energy, carbon materials, catalysts, organic materials, minerals, metal powders and ferrates, bones, pharmaceuticals, environment, construction.


Specific surface area, micropore volume and pore area, mesoporous volume and area, total pore volume, etc.

Operating principle: 

Nitrogen is used as adsorbent, helium or hydrogen as carrier gas, the two gases are mixed in proportion to the specified relative pressure, and then flow through the solid material.When the sample tube is put into liquid nitrogen for heat preservation, the sample will physically adsorb nitrogen in the mixed gas, while the carrier gas will not be adsorbed.The adsorption peak appears on the screen.When the liquid nitrogen is removed, the sample tube is brought back to room temperature, and the adsorbed nitrogen is desorbed. Desorption peaks appear on the screen.Finally, a correction peak is obtained by injecting a known volume of pure nitrogen into the mixture.According to the peak area of the corrected peak and desorption peak, the adsorption volume of the sample under the relative pressure can be calculated.By changing the mixing ratio of nitrogen and carrier gas, the adsorption amount under the relative pressure of several nitrogen can be measured, so the specific surface can be calculated according to the BET formula.


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