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X-Ray Computed Tomography

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X-Ray Computed Tomography

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XT H 225 ST




Detailed capture and measurement of internal component and assembly features is often vital for quality control, failure analysis and material research. XT H 225 offers a powerful micro-focus X-ray source, a large inspection volume, and high X-ray and CT imaging resolution. XT H 225 ST suits a wide range of applications, including inspection of small castings, plastic parts,battery testing as well as material research.


Max voltage:225kV

Max power:225W

Focal spot size:3 μm

Load bearing of sample table:≤50kg


Powerful 225kV micro-focus source with optional rotating target

Real-time X-ray visualization, fast CT reconstruction

5-axis fully programmable part manipulator

Customizable macros automate measurement workflow

Small footprint and castors & roller for easy handling


Evaluation and measurement of precision plastic parts and small castings, complex mechanisms, internal components, part-to-CAD comparison, etc.

Detailed failure analysis

Advanced material research and analysis of biological structures

Digital archiving of models

Troubleshooting of assembly issues

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