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X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

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X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

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Instrument model:

PHl 5000 VersaProbe III


The sample transfer vessel is used to transfer samples under vacuum or inert cover gas from another instrument or glove box. It protects the surface of the sample from the influence of environmental atmosphere before analysis. By using X-ray incident on the solid sample surface and collecting photoelectrons generated from the sample surface, the information of element composition and chemical state of elements on the surface can be provided.

Sample requirements:

1. Powder samples should be more than 200mg;

2.If the sample is block or film, the length, width and height shall not exceed 20mm, 10mm and 5mm, respectively


1.XPS Energy Resolution on Ag:FWHM < 0.48 eV for the Ag 3d 5/2 peak;XPS Energy Resolution on PET:FWHM < 0.82 eV for the O=C-O peak in the carbon 1s spectrum

2. Minimum x-ray Beam Size:10.0 μm in x direction,10.0 μm in y direction

3. Ar Ion Sputter Gun Maximum Beam Current:>5.0 μA @ 5 kV

4. Ar Ion Sputter Gun Differential Pressure:< 6.7x10-6 Pa (5x10-8 Torr)

5. Ar Gas Cluster Ion Gun Maximum Current:>40 nA @ 20 kV,>20 nA @ 5 kV,>10 nA @ 2.5 kV

6. Ar Gas Cluster Ion Gun Minimum Beam Size:500 µm @ 20 kV

7. Cooling/Heating performance on the stage: -140°C~500°C


Inorganic compounds, alloys, polymers, energy batteries, surface defects (corrosion, foreign matter, contamination, uneven distribution), surface multilayer film, etc

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