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Ion Beam Cutting Polishing and Coating System

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Ion Beam Cutting Polishing and Coating System

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GATAN Corporation of the United States

About the device:

GATAN ion beam cutting and polishing coating system is a desktop wide beam xenon ion polishing and coating equipment. For the same sample, polishing and coating can be done in the same vacuum environment.

Technical parameters:

1. Ion source: ion gun two dominant rare earth magnet Sanning ion gun, high-performance no consumables, polishing angle of 10 degrees, each ion gun can be independently adjusted, ion beam energy 100 eV to 8.0 keV, ion beam density 10 mA/cm2 peak ion beam diameter can be adjusted by gas flow meter or discharge voltage;

2. Sample table: sample size: maximum diameter 32mm, maximum height 15mm, sample loading: for cross-sectional sample polishing using Ilion™ II patented sample bezel, secondary reprocessing position is precise, sample polishing and coating function: and flat polishing, cross-sectional polishing and sputtering coating function, target number: 2, Target switching: no need to destroy the vacuum, can directly switch sample rotation: 1 to 6 rpm adjustable, beam modulation: angle adjustable single-beam modulation or double-beam modulation;

3. Vacuum system: dry pump system 80 L/s turbo molecular pump with two stagediad pump, pressure: 5 x 10-6 torr basic pressure, 8 x 10-5 torr operating pressure, vacuum gauge cold cathode type for the main sample room;

4. User interface: 10-inch touch screen is simple to operate, and can fully control all parameters and distribution operation, the interface language provides Chinese, English and other options. 


1. Two aggregate ion guns, ion guns without any consumables;

2. Multi-functional, ion beam plane polishing and cross-sectional cutting, high-precision coating and film thickness measurement;

3. Polishcoating coating in the same vacuum system, can be polished to complete the direct carbon plating research;

4. Polishing area . . . 10mm;

5. Fully automatic touch screen control, matching mode operation, high aerobic repeatability;

6. Liquid nitrogen cooling table is standard to remove the damage to the sample from the thermal effect.

Sample requirements:

Sample size: 32mm maximum diameter, maximum height 15mm

Application range:

For EBSD sample preparation;

Metal materials (alloys, coatings);

Petroleum geological rock minerals;

Photoelectric materials;

Chemical polymer materials.

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