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Auger Electron Spectrometer

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Auger Electron Spectrometer

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Technical Parameters:

1-25 kV Schottky thermal field emission electron source

Secondary Electronic Imaging Resolution: 4096×4096

Spatial Resolution: 8 nm

Surface sensitive: top 5-75 Å

Detection limits: 0.1–1 atomic %

Detect all elements above He

Functional Features:

1. X and Y translation of ± 25 mm allows a 50 mm sample to be accessed without rotation (at Tilt 0º). Z translation of 20 mm and tilt of 0º to 60º are included (Tilt over 5º is not allowed with the supplied 60 mm sample holder).

2. An acoustic enclosure, low noise electronics, a stable sample stage, and reliable image registration software enable AES imaging and spectroscopy of nanoscale features.

3. Analysis of insulating materials with high sensitivity at high tilt angle.

4. The CMA provides high sensitivity Auger analysis, including detailed elemental distributions, while nearly eliminating topography induced artifacts.

Range of Application:

The unique design of the “710” enables comprehensive elemental (and some chemical) characterization and secondary electron imaging inspection of solid surface features less than a sub-micrometer in diameter, thin film structures, and surface contamination.

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