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Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

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Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

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Accelerating Rate Calorimeter is a method to test and analyze the thermal safety of samples under the condition of approximate insulation. It can simulate the thermal characteristics of the exothermic reaction process when the internal heat of the battery can not be dissipated in time, and obtain the kinetic parameters of the reaction under the condition of thermal runaway.

As a variety of lithium-ion battery safety testing instruments, adiabatic accelerating calorimeter can provide a precise control of the adiabatic environment, making the reaction closer to the real reaction process. It has the following characteristics: high measurement sensitivity (0.005 ℃ / min or higher); suitable for a variety of different sizes and models of batteries, can also carry out the research of battery components; can simulate the situation of thermal runaway, give accurate thermal data; can get pressure data, intuitively give the curve of temperature and pressure changing with time; can get reliable dynamic test thermal data and advance Through data analysis, many thermal characteristic parameters such as initial decomposition temperature, exothermic rate, reaction heat, activation energy and pressure increase rate were obtained.

Technical parameters:

1. Temperature range: room temperature - 300 ℃;

2. Temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃;

3. Temperature stability: ± 0.01 ℃;

4. Volume of insulation chamber: Φ 400 * 440mm.

5. Self exothermic detection sensitivity: 0.02/min;

6. Pressure range: 0-150 bar;

7. Pressure detection accuracy: 0.05%;

8. Working mode: HWS heating waiting for tracking, ramp temperature scanning, ISO isothermal;

9. It has variable temperature specific heat capacity test, multi-point test, infrared imaging and other functions;


It is mainly used for the thermal measurement and analysis of various types and capacities of batteries, such as cylinder, soft bag and square type.

1. Starting temperature of self exothermic

2. Maximum temperature out of control

3. Heat out of control incubation time

4. Adiabatic heat production

5. Adiabatic temperature rise

6. Specific heat capacity, etc

Sample requirements:

Cylindrical, square and soft battery, the size shall not exceed 400 * 440mm.


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