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Complete set of lithium-ion batteries and materials production and test equipment: 

TEC (Technical and Engineering Center in TIES) has invested more than 60 million yuan to build a complete pilot line of cathode and anode materials, coin cells, small pouch cells, EV pouch cells, cylinder cells and prismatic cells. TIES has also established a battery performance and safety testing laboratory.

Controlled preparation environment of cathode and anode materials:

The bench-scale and pilot-scale lines of cathode materials can implement anhydrous, pure oxygen sintering, and the pilot lines of anode materials are equipped to carbonize and graphitize materials in different atmosphere and temperature conditions, thereby advancing research and development of high nickel content, graphite, amorphous carbon and other materials.

Professional special process and low-dew-point batteries manufacturing environment:

Entire dry rooms for battery design with ultra-low dew point of -40℃ ~ -60℃. Cleanliness level can reach Class 100,000. It can meet the special process and environment control requirements of NCM811, NCA, anode pre-lithium and other materials.