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Recruitment information

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The enrollment/employment plan is as follows:

We plan to recruit three graduate/doctoral students and two to three postdoctoral students every year. The candidates whoever have the background of materials, physics, chemistry and electrochemistry are welcome to apply. Also, candidates with working experience in solid-state battery companies or commercial lithium-ion battery companies are welcome to consult and apply for the positions of R&D engineers in the research group.
Postdoctoral student recruitment information:
Achieved PhD in the past 5 years at home or abroad. Able to do research independently.
Hard working, strong execution, strong teamspirit.
Full time post-doctoral research work.
Experience in battery development is preferred.
Please provide the following materials if you are interested:
Resume: including education background, research experience, plan and requirements for future research work, personal plans and goals of career, personal characteristics and description of teamwork experience;
Personal ability certificate: including the catalogue of published works, patent application pages, proof of theoretical and experimental abilities.
Two recommendation letters (including one from doctoral supervisor)
R&D Engineer recruitment information:
Job responsibilities:
1. The development of the new processes for the key materials of the lithium-ion battery and all-solid-state battery. 
2. The development of manufacture technique of all-solid-state battery electrical core.
3. The construction of pilot production line.
4. The construction and reconstruction of all-solid-state battery core manufacturing equipment
5. The development of other techniques related to all-solid-state batteries
Bachelor’s degree or above, under 40 years old (can be moderately extended if you have special experience). Master, Doctor and Senior Engineers are preferred. 
Professional experiences:
Have relevant working experience in a well-known research institute or an internationally renowned lithium-ion power enterprise, and rich R&D experience of solid-state battery or lithium-ion battery. Experienced in the theory, technology, production technique, equipment and production process of solid-state battery or lithium-ion power battery. Familiar with the characteristics and technical parameters of key materials of solid-state battery or lithium-ion power battery, assembly process of electrical core and battery packs, development and verification of battery thermal management system of solid-state battery or lithium-ion power battery.
Related treatment
1. Treatment of successive master-doctor, Ph.D candidates, postdoctoral fellow
The grant and scholarship will be paid according to the regulations of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 
Postdoctoral salary treatment is about 250,000 RMB. (Our team has also set up a research achievements awarding system). Registered residence is carried out in accordance with Beijing talent policy and the relevant provisions of IOP. Outstanding fellows will be given priority to stay in IOP (Liyang), or be fully assisted in recommending suitable work.
2. Treatment of R&D engineer
Locally competitive salary will be discussed face to face.