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Research achievements

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“*”Corresponding  author ; “#”Co-first author
Liquid-involved synthesis and processing of sulfide-based solid electrolytes, electrodes and all-solid-state batteries
J. Xu, L. Liu, N. Yao, F. Wu*, H. Li*, L. Chen
Materials Today Nano, 2019: 100048.
Practical evaluation of energy densities for sulfide solid-state batteries
L. Liu#, J. Xu#, S. Wang, F. Wu*, H. Li*, L. Chen
eTransportation, 2019, 1: 100010.
Strain‐stabilized ceramic‐sulfide electrolytes.
W. Fitzhugh#, F. Wu#, L. Ye#, H. Su, X. Li*
Small, 1901470.
A high‐throughput search for functionally stable interfaces in sulfide solid‐state lithium ion conductors
Fitzhugh#, F. Wu#, L. Ye, W. Deng, P. Qi, X. Li*
Advanced Energy Materials, 1900807.
Before 2018
Defects in thin-film heterostructured materials (invited review)
F. Wu
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology-Asia, 2018, Accepted.
Advanced sulfide solid electrolyte by core-shell structural design
F. Wu#, W. Fitzhugh#, L. Ye, J. Ning, X. Li*
Nature Communications, (2018) 9:4037.
In-situ synthesis and defect evolution of single-crystal piezoelectric nanoparticles
F. Wu*, N. Yao*
Nano Energy 28 (2016) 195–205.
Advances in windowed gas cells for in-situ TEM studies
F.Wu*, N. Yao*
Nano Energy, 2015, 13, 735-756. 
Advances in sealed liquid cells for in-situ TEM electrochemial investigation of lithium-ion battery
F. Wu*, N. Yao
Nano Energy, 2015, 11, 196-210.
Tuning exchange bias in epitaxial Ni/MgO/TiN heterostructures integrated on Si(100). 
F.Wu*, SS Rao, JT Prater, J. Narayan 
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Macroscopic twinning strain in nanocrystalline Cu. 
F. Wu, Y.T. Zhu*, J. Narayan*
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Nanoscale electrical properties of epitaxial Cu3Ge film
F. Wu*, W.Cai, N. Yao 
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Energy scavenging based on a single-crystal PMN-PT nanobelt 
F. Wu*, W. Cai, Y. Yeh, S. Xu, N. Yao*
Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 22513. 
Controlled epitaxial growth of bcc and fcc Cu on MgO for integration on Si 
F. Wu*, J. Narayan
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PMN-PT nanostructures for energy scavenging 
 F. Wu*, N. Yao*
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Work function of Cu3Ge thin film
F. Wu*, N. Yao*
Microscopy and Microanalysis 2016, 22 (S3), 1654-1655.
Fabrication of epitaxial Cu3Ge on sapphire with controlled crystallinity and planar defects
F. Wu*, J.K. Zheng, W. Cai, N. Yao*, Y.T. Zhu, J. Narayan
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2015, 641, 238-243.
Twin intersection mechanisms in nanocrystalline fcc metals
F. Wu, H.M. Wen, E.J. Lavernia, J. Narayan*, Y.T. Zhu
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Grain size effect on twin density in as-deposited nanocrystalline Cu film
F. Wu*, Y.T. Zhu, J. Narayan
Philosophical Magazine, 2013, 93 (35), 4355-4363.
Nanoelectronics and Materials Development, ISBN 978-953-51-4734-3, Book edited by Dr. Abhijit Kar
F. Wu*, N. Yao
publisher: INTECH. 
Microscopy and Analysis, ISBN 978-953-51-4723-7, Book edited by: Stefan Stanciu
F. Wu*, N. Yao*
publisher: INTECH. 
Reversible flat to rippling phase transition in fe containing layered battery electrode materials
X. Chen, S. Hwang, R. Chisnell, Y. Wang, F. Wu, S. Kim, J. W. Lynn, D. Su, and X. Li*
Advanced Functional Materials, 2018, 1803896
A combination of theory and experiment achieving rational design of electrocatalysts for water reduction on hierarchically porous CoS2 microsphere. 
A. Wang, M. Zhang, H. Li, F. Wu, K. Yanand J. Xiao*
Under review.
A novel dual phase membrane 40 wt% Nd0.6Sr0.4CoO3−δ 60 wt%Ce0.9Nd0.1O2−δ: design, synthesis and properties
H. Yuan, S. Lei, F. Wu, S. Wang, D. Yan, P. Liu, Man-Rong Li, J. Caro *and H. Luo *
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 6 (1), 84-92.
In situ preparation of metal halide perovskite nanocrystal thin films for improved light-emitting devices
L. Zhao, Y.W. Yeh, N. L. Tran, F. Wu, Z. Xiao, R.A. Kerner, Y.H. L. Lin, G.D. Scholes, N. Yao, B.P. Rand*
ACS Nano, 2017.11(4), 3957.
Photoluminescence of functionalized germanium nanocrystals embedded in arsenic sulfide glass
Gu, J. Gao, E. Ostroumov, H. Jeong, F. Wu, R. Fardel, N. Yao, R.D. Priestley, G.D. Scholes, Yueh-Lin Loo and C.B. Arnold*
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 20170509, online
Anisotropic crystallization in solution processed chalcogenide thin film by linearly polarized laser
T. Gu, H. Jeong, K. Yang, F. Wu.
Applied Physics Letters, 2017, 110 (4), 041904
Atomic scale visualization of quantum interference on a weyl semimetal surface by scanning tunneling microscopy
Zheng, S.-Y. Xu, G. Bian, C. Guo, G. Chang, D. S. Sanchez, I. Belopolski, C.-C. Lee, S.-M. Huang, X. Zhang, R. Sankar, N. Alidoust, T.-R. Chang, F. Wu, T. Neupert, F. Chou, H. -T. Jeng, N. Yao, A. Bansil, S. Jia, H. Lin, M. Z. Hasan*.
ACS Nano, 2016, 10 (1), 1378.
Ferromagnetic oxide heterostructures on silicon 
S.S. Rao*, J. T. Prater, F. Wuand, J. Narayan
MRS Communications, 2016, 6, 234–240
Strain induced room temperature ferromagnetism in epitaxial magnesium oxide thin films
Jin, S. Nori, Y.F. Lee, D. Kumar, F. Wu, J. T. Prater, K.W. Kim, and J. Narayan*
Journal of Applied Physics, 2015, 118, (16), 165309.
The (0001) surfaces of α-Fe2O3 nanocrystals are preferentially activated for water oxidation by Ni doping
Zhao, F. Wu, C. X. Kronawitter, Z. Chen, N. Yao and B. E. Koel*
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015, 17, (40), 26797-26803.
Complete vertical M-H loop shift in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrRuO3 thin film heterostructures
S. S. Rao*, F. Wu, J. T. Prater1 and  J. Narayan 
Journal of Applied Physics, 2015, 117, 17B711.
Dependence of semiconductor to metal transition of VO2(011) /NiO{100} /MgO{100} /TiN{100} /Si{100} heterostructures on thin film epitaxy and nature of strain
M. R. Bayati*, R. Molaei, F. Wu, J. Narayan, S. Yarmolenko
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015, 98, (4), 1201-1208.
Positive exchange bias in epitaxial permalloy/MgO integrated with Si (100) 
S. S. Rao*, J.T. Prater, F. Wu, S. Nori, D. Kumar, L. Yue, S.-H. Liou, J. Narayan 
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 2014, 18 (3), 140.
Magnetic properties of BaTiO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films integrated on Si (100)
S.S. Rao*, F. Wu, JT Prater, J. Narayan
Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, 116 (22), 224104.
Modification of properties of yttria stabilized zirconia epitaxial thin films by excimer laser annealing
M.R. Bayati*, R. Molaei, A. Richmond, S. Nori, F. Wu, D. Kumar, J. Narayan*, J. G. Reynolds, C.L. Reynolds, Jr.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2014, 6 (24), 22316-22325.
Dependence of Semiconductor to Metal Transition of VO2(011) /NiO{100} /MgO{100} /TiN{100} /Si{100} Heterostructures on Thin Film Epitaxy and Nature of Strain 
M.R. Bayati*, R. Molaei, F. Wu, J.Narayan, S.Yarmolenko
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015, 98, (4), 1201-1208. 
A microstructural approach toward the effect of thickness on semiconductor-to-metal transition characteristics of VO2 epilayers
R. Molaei*, M. R. Bayati, F. Wu, J. Narayan
Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, 115, 164311.
Effect of substrate temperature on the microstructural properties of titanium nitride nanowires grown by pulsed laser deposition
S. Gbordzoe*, R. Kotoka, E. Craven, D. Kumar, F. Wu, J. Narayan
Journal of Applied Physics, 2014, 116, 064310.
Oxygen vacancy enhanced room temperature ferromagnetism in Sr3SnO/c-YSZ/Si (001) heterostructures
Y. Lee*, F. Wu, J. Narayan, J. Schwartz
MRS Communications, 2014, 4 (01), 7-13.
Evidence for topological surface states in epitaxial Bi2Se3 thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition through magneto-transport measurements
Y. Lee*, S. Punugupati, F. Wu, Z. Jin, J. Narayan, J. Schwartz
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 2014, 18, (5), 279-285.
Interface magnetism in epitaxial BiFeO3-La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 heterostructures integrated on Si (100)
S.S. Rao*, J.T. Prater, F. Wu, C. T. Shelton, J.-P. Maria and J. Narayan
Nano Letters, 2013, 13 (12), 5814-5821.
Integration of epitaxial permalloy on Si (100) through domain matching epitaxy paradigm
S.S. Rao*, J.T. Prater, F. Wu, S. Nori, D. Kumar, J. Narayan
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 2013, 18 (1), 1–5.
Epitaxial integration of topological insulator SrSnO with c-YSZ/Si(001)
Y. F. Lee*, F. Wu, R. Kumar, F. Hunte, J. Schwartz and J. Narayan
Applied Physics Letters, 2013, 103(11), 112101.
Correlation between structure and semiconductor to metal transition characteristics of VO2/TiO2/sapphire thin film heterostructures
M.R. Bayati*,R. Molaei, F. Wu, J.D. Budai, Y. Liu, R.J. Narayan, J. Narayan
Acta Materialia, 2013, 61(20), 7805-7815.
Deposition and characterization of nanostructured Cu2O thin-film for potential photovoltaic applications
Gupta, R. Singh*, F. Wu , J. Narayan , C. McMillen , G.F. Alapatt , K.F. Poole, S.-J. Hwu , D. Sulejmanovic , M. Young , G. Teeter and H. S. Ullal
Journal of Materials Research, 2013, 28 (13), 1740-1746.
Enhanced dehydrogenation/hydrogenation kinetics of the Mg(NH2)2–2LiH system with NaOH additive
C. Liang, Y. Liu*, Z. Wei, Y. Jiang, F. Wu, M. Gao, H. Pan
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2011, 36 (3), 2137-2144.
Phase-structure and hydrogen storage behaviors of Mg+10% Ni2P composite prepared by reactive ball-milling
Peng, X. Xiao, Z. Hang, F. Wu, C. Li, S. Li, L. Chen *
Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, 2011, 40 (8), 1387-1391.
Ultrafine SnO2 dispersed carbon matrix composites derived by a sol–gel method as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
M. Gao, X. Chen, H. Pan*, L. Xiang, F. Wu, Y. Liu
Electrochimica Acta, 2010, 55, 9067.