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Tianmu Lake Institute of Advanced Energy Storage Technologies Co., Ltd. (TIES for short) was co-founded by Institute of Physics (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science and Technology Industrial Park, in Liyang (Changzhou) of Jiangsu Province. Academician Liquan Chen and Prof. Hong Li are the honorary directoranddirector respectively.


Total investment for TIES is 500 million Yuan. The 1st period construction area is about 51,000 , of which the laboratory area is 46,000  and office is 5,000 respectively. TIES is committed to creating a full-chain development platform, including "original innovation", "technology cultivation", "engineering scale-up", and "industrial incubation".


As a new third-party institute for research and development, TIES is gathering experts with high level R&D capabilities at homeland and abroad, to satisfy the high level testing and analysis requirements from companies in battery industry in Yangtze River Delta area. TIES is also building an open incubating base for energy storage technology, to attract R&D teams with innovative solutions to perform pilot test in TIES. With comprehensive facilities in TIES, researchers can improve R&D level and quality in energy storage field, overcoming common problems that limit the development of the industry, accelerating research on new types of energy storage technologies, and promoting the effective integration between capital and researcher. In order to meet the requirements of all types of energy storage, TIES strives to become a R&D company with overall layout, and application-oriented, including testing and analysis, failure analysis, qualification certification, technology development, engineering scaling-up, intelligent manufacturing, high- value information service and advanced training, etc.