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Incubation Module



Technological Innovation Stage



Start-up Stage



Development Stage



Mature Stage



Scientists' Studio


R&D Direction






  • Simple and flexible scientific research and management mechanism
  • Led by scientists, members are part-time or full-time
  • Support scientists at different stages, give priority to original frontier technology
  • Research work led by scientists
  • Daily management of scientific research
  • Administrative personnel financial management
  • Strong Technical support team
  • Public platform for detection and analysis
  • Pilot test platform for material and electric core
  • Intellectual property support and information consulting support
  • TIES’s fund
  • Declare national and local science and technology projects
  • Assist in applying for all kinds of talent projects


Establishment process


Introduction of Incubation Business in TIES

Incubation business is positioned to provide incubated enterprises with all-round services of the whole technology chain and development life cycle of the whole enterprise, guide the development of the next generation of advanced energy storage technology and industry, and realize the maximization of fund interests. TIES provides full technology chain technical services (original innovation, technology cultivation, engineering amplification, technology incubation)for incubated enterprises, as well as provide comprehensive management services and financial management services of the whole life cycle for incubated enterprises. TIES aims at reducing enterprise costs and entrepreneurial risks, improve the survival rate and growth of enterprises, and cultivate successful technology enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Full Chain Service


All-round Service

Technical Services

测试分析 失效分析 工艺工程中心

Test and Analysis Center

Failure Analysis Center

Technical and Engineering Center


Management Service



Financial Service